The fifth table, from leftovers to the hangover 

 December 29, 2020

By  Tatiana

It is the last Monday of the year 2020. This is a year that taught us a lot, banned a lot of things and took away too many people. But we have certainly learned, because we have taken a big step that we might never have taken otherwise, and we are celebrating that with a big tree.

We all hope for a beautiful and better 2021, a year with more freedom and more health around the world. Let’s just reminisce about the last five weeks, the five tables we’ve made. Today we present you the last table of those five. It is of course a shame that a month of festive tables is coming to an end, but who knows what the future will bring to us, right?

With each table I said the next one would be easier, but somehow it’s not like that every time! And even while making this table, focused on leftovers and hangover food, we ran into some obstacles. But after the dessert table, I can confidently say that I am prepared for anything.

I didn’t know that you could make leftovers look so beautiful, that they could still taste so good and that we could all create new flavors! So you can see on this table that you can make delicious snacks from all kinds of vegetables and meat. With some puff pastry and cheese we make delicious pizzas and a few types of legumes, meat and vegetables become delicious stews.

And we also have a nice surprise for Mike: the chicken nuggets! He loves chicken nuggets that he always makes fresh himself, but he never gives me his recipe. So when we saw these chicken nuggets ready in the fresh food section, we had to buy them and put them on the table as a hint that he should give us his recipes more often too!

The delicious breakfast hangover hash should not be missed, just like the delicious Spanish recipes of my husband’s family, a few French delicacies that I am sure you have never eaten and of course a Spanish bread pudding!

It was a real spectacle to make all these tables for you, but I must admit that I really want to eat healthy again. Even though I have not been able to eat very much at Christmas due to my own personal circumstances, I have the feeling that I am ready for my personal eating routine again! I did enjoy my mother-in-law’s delicious Christmas cookies. I got addicted to those, so I just hope she’d like to make it for me all year round.

And that, of course, is why we will talk more about our plans for 2021 this week. I am really excited to take you along in our new year and also to focus very much on my cookbook! And this time I am not moving to a new country again. I am very happy and satisfied in Spain. And secretly I am also a bit done with moving.

And the best part of the new year is that I can take a nice dip on a sunny beach with a lovely sweet man by my side. This thought makes me want to undergo my New Year’s dive again. The new year gives me good insights for new plans and new adventures. Let’s hope that in the year 2021 all our dreams may come true!

What you see on the table are all snacks made with love and ingredients that my father, Luis and I love to eat. So today was the best day to present almost all of these to you on a table! Some dishes were recently invented by me and some have been in the family for years and even a century. They are all inspired from the Dutch, French and Spanish cuisines, so there is more than enough choice!

Of course I will again share three delicious recipes with you this week and from next week we will have to go back to normal life, with tasty and healthy food at normal times! Haha, who I am kidding? A whole change is coming my way and I can’t wait for it to be completed. Strangely enough, I’m already starting to think about a sequel, but don’t let that get off the ground too soon.

Loosen your belt, because these dishes are packed with tasty Christmas calories! And hopefully you like traditional food and comfort food, because I have a few nice recipes for you that should not be missing in your recipe book! Stay tuned for this Wednesday and the delicious recipe that is waiting for you!

Have a nice Monday, my friends!

Tatiana Tor

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

Wishing you a great day, love Tatiana.

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