New plans for a new year 

 January 4, 2021

By  Tatiana

I am so excited that January has finally started, because it means that today we can finally reveal our plans for Casa de la Vida! We have decided not to eat meat at all for a month and we mainly focus on cooking with the wonderful ingredient tofu!

We already hinted it a bit in a few posts in December: We are going to do a few things a bit different on this website in this first month of the new year. And whoever follows us on instagram has already gotten to know Mike a bit. Until now, Mike was mainly involved in the background at Casa de la Vida.

But first things first: what are we going to do differently?

New Year’s resolutions are part of a new year. And just like everyone else, we also want to live a healthier and more conscious life. We want to try to throw away even less food and eat things that are less harmful to the earth. That is why I made the choice not to eat meat during the whole month of January. You already know that I don’t eat meat every day, but I really enjoy cooking with it, so I wonder how it’s going to look.

All over Instagram, there are all kinds of challenges to go completely vegan for a month, but the question is: how good is that actually for your body? It’s something people often don’t think about, but going vegan really is a big change for your body. That is why you have to start gradually and be sure to find suitable replacements and be sure that you are still getting everything your body needs! But that is a completely different direction than what we are going to do. We are going to do without meat for a whole month and reduce animal products!

And Mike will also participate, in the Netherlands.

But who is Mike and why am I introducing him to you?

Since the very beginning of this website, Mike has helped me mainly with the technical aspects of the website, and with checking the texts. He’s also going to be more prominent in the coming weeks so that I have time to fully focus on the cookbook that I am writing.

Mike briefly introduces himself like this:

“Unlike Tatiana, I only worked in my own kitchen. I have never been professionally involved with food, but I have enjoyed cooking more and more in recent years. Because I live in Amsterdam and not in Spain, I also have less access to traditional Spanish ingredients, so I will cook with ingredients from the Dutch supermarket more often. You will notice how our tastes differ from each other as soon as my first recipes appear on the site. “

So we will divide the tasks a bit in January. I am also going to post something every now and then, but Mike’s recipes and blog posts will be in between in this meatless January. I hope you are as enthusiastic about his dishes as you are about mine!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll take you on a rollercoaster of delicious dishes and different ways to cook tofu and other meat substitutes. It’s not easy, but we are looking forward to it and really want to do it! After reading many blogs and seeing many recipes, I am sure we can give you delicious recipes, as well as good tips on how to replace meat. Of course you could say that it is not that difficult, but it is, especially if you are used to the taste of meat in everything. You will taste that something is missing, and that is where my challenge lies. Mimic the taste of meat in delicious dishes. And for Mike, the challenge lies in simply skipping meat completely and creating recipes that are satisfactory to him!

In addition to not eating meat, we will also be drinking no alcohol at all all month and I will be exercising again. I’m going to keep a log of my meals, workouts and also my weight. I’ve been thinking about introducing that to Casa de la Vida for a while. It was never the right time, but now we’re making the time! I’m not saying I should lose weight at all, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt my health to lose a few pounds, so let’s get started. It’s time to start spinning again, both indoors and outdoors!

We are so looking forward to it, and we are also very curious about what creative recipes we will come up with ourselves, and which kitchen hacks! I am also very excited to share my upcoming projects with you and finally be able to present my cookbook soon! January is perfect for a fresh start as it’s the beginning of a new year so let’s hope we finally realize the goals we have in mind!

Now we are of course very curious about your vegetarian ideas and recipes, and your go to sports or exercises to lose weight! So my question is, how are you doing it, how do you approach these things?

Tatiana Tor

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

Wishing you a great day, love Tatiana.

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