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Hello, and welcome to my blog about Murcia, Spanish recipes, and traditions. I am Tatiana, a full-time food photographer that dabbles in Social Media Management, Website management, and graphic design.

Life can be hectic here in my home between building my business, living with my husband, dad, and two dogs near the mountains, so it is handy to have fast and healthy recipes by hand!

It's no secret that I love to bake cakes, and some people call me traditional or old-fashioned, but I'd instead describe myself as a fun cook with lots of patience and an excellent appetite for kitchen adventures.

My goal with this blog? To dazzle you with Murcia and its magical life. From restaurants to must-visit places in the Center of Murcia or its region! I want to blast some new life into old traditional recipes and give them my twist!

And occasionally, I will blog about my life, products, and of course, Instagram challenges, tips&tricks when it comes to photography styling!

My services

Food Photography

My full-time job, taking beautiful pictures of recipes and products. I love all kind of styles you will see!

Place To Visit

I love to eat out, explore Murcia and my idea is to give you a taste of the city I fell in love with.

Recipes And More

Cooking is not only my passion, but also a therapy. I will post recipes! I love cooking, and made it my mission to develop recipes with food product for brands.

Lifestyle, DIY and Products

Blogs about products I love, how to make backdrops and of course more!

Photography Live Sessions

In need of someone to style with, a food photography buddy? Let's plan a live session!

Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of my many passions! I love playing around in Illustrator, Canva and more!

Recipe Development

I love cooking, and made it my mission to develop recipes with food product for brands.

Social Media Strategist

I love instagram, Pinterest and all the trends, looking for the right hashtags. In need of help?

Virtual Assistant

Do you need someone to help you plan, organise, to push you or anything else? Here I am!