A sparkling sauce 

 January 1, 2021

By  Tatiana

Today we start the post with something nice: Happy New Year! But even funnier is that I posted a table and blog last Monday, and I also mentioned that those tables had chicken nuggets that I got for Mike, right? Due to the crowds, we completely forgot to cook it and put it on the table! Didn’t you notice that?

That is not bad at all. Mistakes are very human, but we want to make it up to you a little bit today. Not only did we find the same store bought chicken nuggets, but we also came up with a smashing sauce especially for you!

Today was just as new for us, because since the lockdown in Spain you are not allowed to cross borders between regions by car without a valid reason. I don’t think a New Year’s Dive is a valid reason. We couldn’t go to Luis ‘parents’ beach house, so we decided to go to a nature beach. Our dear friend Jeroen was waiting for us on a Dutch beach to take a dip with us on video chat. The day didn’t quite start as we expected, with SD cards not working and hard drives refusing to copy. But that might as well have happened yesterday.

Finally on the beach we turned out to have no mobile coverage at all, so we had to race to another beach so that we could take our dip in the cold Netherlands at the same time as Jeroen. Once we had found a beach, with sand and no stones, we set up the entire mikmak of equipment, quickly connected with Jeroen and ran to the water. We took the dive I dream about every year and got back ashore quickly. It was a memorable day for everyone!

But then we suddenly thought, shit, did we write the blog? Did we have the chicken nuggets in the picture? No, but that can’t hurt, I thought at the time. Still, I find it difficult, because I just bought these chicken nuggets from the fresh food department to give Mike a hint. They are still in the fridge and will certainly be good for another day. But what sauce should I use to make them? Which fits best? Is it still interesting to write about this at all?

It would be easy to just say yes, but it took some time to think about what else I could do about these store bought nuggets! Since it’s the first day of the new year, and we were talking about leftovers, the idea came to me to just make a sparkling sauce! The recipe is simple and easy to make. I decided to use leftover cava, but Luis got the idea to use Amaretto. Shall we go into the kitchen then?


you can use this mayonnaise for everything. I usually divide up the ingredients to make a few different flavors.

  • 1 egg
  • 250 ml of oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • amaretto and cava for a taste


It’s actually very simple, we’re going to make mayonnaise. To give these the flavors I wanted I used two flavors, cava and amaretto.

In a bowl or blender, mix an egg and the oil until blended. Add salt and pepper to taste, and a little lemon juice or Worcestershire sauce if you have it.

It quickly becomes a nice and thick mixture. This is a simple mayonnaise. Now you can add flavors. Divide the mixture over 2 bowls and put a tablespoon of your own taste in each bowl: Amaretto in one bowl and cava in the other. Stir this through the mayonnaise until it is completely absorbed and you are done!

Voila, easy and dangerously delicious!

The result

Yummy, that’s the word of the day! I’m not much of a chicken fan as you may have read, but with a sauce like this I might be! The fact that I still eat meat today is really an exception, because we have to tell you all something secretly.

But that will come tomorrow! What does it matter what I tell you today, you are already enjoying yourself! I really enjoyed the nuggets with both sauces! This is something I wouldn’t normally eat, so now I’m waiting for Mike’s recipe!

Do you have a special sauce that you use for your chicken nuggets or other snacks?

Tatiana Tor

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

Wishing you a great day, love Tatiana.

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