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Lifestyle blogs, places to visit, food photography and Spanish recipes!

About Me.

Hello, I'm Tatiana! A food fanatic with the urge of letting her camera eat before she does. Style jumper, avid Instagrammer that tells stories through styles, colors and captions! 

My goal is to show you the Murcian life, places to visit and delicious Spanish recipes! Interested in working together? 

Find here my latest blogs!

Weekend recipe cooking inspiration time! Hello there, so lovely of you to

Psst, did you hear? I published my first ebook, 20 Baked Goods!

The creme brulée is a dessert everyone should make once in their

Food photography, recipe development and more

What do I do? And what can I do for you?

Here a look in what I do in my life, from hobbies, services and to my job!

Food Photography

My full-time job, taking beautiful pictures of recipes and products. I love all kind of styles you will see!

Places To Visit

I love to eat out, explore Murcia and my idea is to give you a taste of the city I fell in love with.

Recipes and more

Cooking is not only my passion, but also a therapy. I will post recipes! I love cooking, and made it my mission to develop recipes with food product for brands.

Lifestyle, DIY and Products

Blogs about products I love, how to make backdrops and of course more!

Photography Live Sessions

In need of someone to style with, a food photography buddy? Let's plan a live session!

Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of my many passions! I love playing around in Illustrator, Canva and more!

Web Building & Managing

In need of a new website, or someone to keep it update? That's me!

Social Media Strategist

I love instagram, Pinterest and all the trends, looking for the right hashtags. In need of help?

Virtual Assistant

Do you need someone to help you plan, organise, to push you or anything else? Here I am!


What clients say about my services

Tatiana helped me out during some busy times at my company, taking care stuff that I didn’t have time for that got in the way of the ‘real work’ that I’m more interested in myself. We worked well together, with her taking care of administrative work, content ideation and social media marketing while I focused on my writing and consulting work.
It was a real time saver to have Tatiana work alongside me and I’d hire her again in a heart beat!



Since Tatiana began working for me, she has been nothing but professional, proficient and amendable to any task. I can’t recommend her services enough. She is an open book and will deliver the exact requirements you need. A must for any creative



Tatiana has been helping the last few months with my social media strategy and because of her time, dedication and services I have been able to regain focus and time to develop my projects even further.

She also has been a great help as a virtual assistant and helping me create new and exciting ideas for the Membersclub!